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Nursing Wing


Most of our rooms are single bedrooms a large number are en suites. We have 3 double bedrooms which allows those people who wish to share, share simply because they would like the company if they so wish or often we find a married couple find these rooms ideal.

Our residents are encouraged to make the home their own and customise the room with the own furniture, pictures, memorabilia etc.

The resident' bedroom is their own private area and all staff respect the residents need for privacy and will knock before entering.

In addition, all our bedrooms are fitted with a nurse call bell which residents can call if they require assistance.

Communal areas

The Nursing wing has a large conservatory area which provides a light bright day space for the residents to enjoy the day. The conservatory is fitted with blinds which can be adjusted if it gets too bright.

We have nice leather chairs arranged in such a way as to encourage conversation. We also have a large plasma television.

We also have our dining room in one area of this large conservatory with a radio where we often play relaxing music at lunch time.