Gallery Brochure Inspection Reports


My aunt has been a resident at Avalon for 2 years and during that time our family have been very impressed by the care she receives. It has been difficult to visit due to the pandemic but we have managed a number of doorstep visits that have been easy to arrange and my aunt has always looked well cared for and well presented, she is always clean, well dressed, and well-manicured! My aunt has severe dementia and cannot communicate so she is unable to tell us how she feels or about her experience at Avalon but we are very happy with everything we have seen of her care. I am particularly impressed with the level of communication from the manager as we receive regular email updates regarding my aunt's health and welfare and immediate responses via email or phone when we have questions or need information. During the pandemic the communication and flow of information has been outstanding, we have been informed every step of the way. I am looking forward to being able to visit properly soon.

C C (Niece)

My uncle has been with the home since the beginning of December 2021. I feel he is well looked after and the staff are friendly and helpful. When we visit him they are very helpful and supportive. The home is very well maintained and clean which makes you feel he is safe and comfortable.

Richard M (Nephew)

My father is recovering from a stroke and was transferred to Avalon in November 2021 to continue his recovery. With very limited speech as a result of the stroke, communication was difficult. The Avalon team did a great job in settling dad in and the manager was quick to reassure us that dad had settled in ok and has continued to keep us updated regularly. She is also quick to respond to emails (even out of hours) and has been readily available via phone. This communication has been very helpful and reassuring as we live some 2hrs away. Visiting has been during the covid restrictions so our direct experience of the home has been limited to the visiting room which has always been clean and tidy. The staff by my experience and of what I have seen going to and from the visitor room, are caring and supportive of the residents as well as helpful and friendly to visitors in challenging times. Dad's speech has improved and seems happy and settled. Would recommend Avalon to others.

Steve L (Son)

My husband seems to be very happy here. The manager and staff are efficient and friendly. He has put on weight so must be eating well. It will be good when Covid has gone so visiting restrictions can be lifted. I would recommend Avalon to others.

Janet L (Wife)

My service user is happy and content in Avalon. Staff are always happy to help with any questions etc. Emails are promptly answered, it's very easy to contact management. My service user has improved immensely since arriving at Avalon I believe his continued improvement is down to the staff and the high level of support and care that he receives.

A H (Friend)

My mother has been resident in Avalon for over two years. The staff always have her best interests at heart and give her compassion and respect. She is treated as an individual, not just as one of a crowd, and her specific needs are met. She is encouraged to participate in the range of activities on offer which she enjoys. The home is extremely well managed, and the management know her well and are always ready to give time to talk to me about her and to answer questions. During the pandemic, the precautions taken to keep residents safe have been exemplary. She is happy and I am happy with the care she receives from a committed, professional staff.

Marilyn H (Daughter)

My Dad continues to receive excellent care at Avalon and he always tells me that he is happy living there and the care that he receives. Because of the restrictions due to Covid visiting has not always been easy, but the Nursing Home staff have done their absolute utmost to be able to continue with organising visits when it has been safe to do so. In between these lockdown times, Dad and I have chatted on the phone, which has been vital to remain in contact. I wish to thank all the staff for all their care and efforts to enable this contact to remain with our relatives during this difficult time. I have also seen from pictures that the staff send me and put up on their Facebook page that Dad thoroughly enjoys his activities! I would have no hesitation in recommending this Nursing Home for its quality of care.

Shelley T (Daughter)

My Dad has been at Avalon for a few months now and we have had nothing but unwavering support from the Manager and her team. Staff, there are always helpful if we ask anything and Dad is clearly fond of some of them. It was very hard at first for him to adjust but he seems much happier now. It was recently his birthday and they made a beautiful cake for him, he absolutely loved it. I can't give a rating for rooms as, due to covid restrictions, I have not been able to see his room.

Debbie H (Daughter)

My mum was placed in Avalon nursing home in September 2021. The care that she has received since then has been excellent. She has gained weight and is much happier in herself. I feel extremely lucky that this nursing home became available when it was needed the most. I would highly recommend it. If you have any questions the matron and nursing staff are always happy to help you and look into things with immediate attention.

Janette S (Daughter)

My nan has lived at Avalon for 2 years. She is very well cared for by the lovely, friendly staff. Nan always looks well presented and has put on weight due to the good food that she tells us is lovely. This year has been difficult for all of us but Avalon has been fantastic in arranging doorstep visits, skype calls and regular updates and photos from the manager. The home has remained Covid free due to the very high standards within the home. My nan is very happy living at Avalon and us as a family are very happy with all the care and support she receives.

Cleo B (Granddaughter)

I live a long way from Eastbourne and have care responsibilities that make visiting my mother impossible, particularly during the Covid pandemic but staff are very accommodating when I contact my mother. The level of care seems exceptional. I am particularly impressed with the way the home has managed Covid restrictions and with the clear communications, I have had in this regard.

John (Son)

My mother has been a resident at Avalon for several years now and throughout her residence, I have been delighted with the level of care she receives and the kindness that the staff have shown. During these very difficult days of Covid, I have been kept informed of the possibilities for safe communication with my mother and have taken advantage of Skype to keep in contact. This has been regular and reassuring. I can't thank the staff enough for keeping Mum safe and well.

Elizabeth R (Daughter)

This is excellent and more than deserved. You have all proved during this pandemic how fantastic you are and unquestionably how much you value your staff and residents. So many others should take your lead and follow your excellence in all that you do. From my whole family to you all, thank you for looking after my dad with care, compassion and fun. You are a credit to all carers the nation over.

Ollie F (Son)

On our first visit, the staff were friendly and informative. Home clean and tidy with good rooms and facilities. On-going into lockdown the information provided was detailed and encouraging with strict control measures in place. These have been maintained due to the dedication of the staff. Our relative is cared for in a safe, comfortable and caring environment 24/7, which is a vast improvement of her previous care at-home process.

Trevor S (Son)

I cannot fault the care my father is receiving at Avalon, I know in this difficult time, the manager's focus has been on the residents and also their staff, but they have managed to find time to keep us all updated on our loved ones, with photos and messages as I know it is hard for my father not to see and talk to us as much as he did and the chance for him to 'escape' for an hour. Lol. I have noticed that my father has now been engaging more with all the activities that Avalon do. I feel that my father is in safe hands and I do not need to worry about him.

Wendy M (Daughter)

My mother has been in Avalon since February 2019 and I visit 4-5 times a week. I have got to know everybody that works there and they are amazing, they work on the basis of 'they work in the residents' home'. The care is 1st class nothing is too much trouble, they are attentive and most times they can predict what the resident needs before they are asked. This is only possible because the staff have a very strong bond with the people they care for. I am sorry pleased that my mother has the best care in Eastbourne. To all the staff thank you so much you are great.

Philip M (Son)

The staff has always been helpful, kind, and compassionate towards my Uncle. They have also been very helpful, considerate, and professional whenever I have spoken to them myself on the phone. The food sounds like it is really top quality and my Uncle is looking so much better since he has been at this home. Thank you to all the staff and their dedication.

Katie C (Niece)

I cannot fault the care my mum is receiving at Avalon but, in particular, the care and support that not only the residents are receiving, but also the families of those residents during the lockdown period.

Jane W (Daughter)

I find the home very pleasant, well decorated, clean, bright and airy.
I am always made to feel welcome from the moment I step inside the door.I can approach any member of staff for a chat about my sister and never made to feel I am being a trouble.Individual attention to inpatients is excellent and the place is always a hive of activity in a calm and gentle way.

Vivien C (Sister)

Avalon Nursing Home has continued to keep our loved ones safe during this difficult pandemic with strict precautions in place. We are kept up to date with a regular newsletter and encouraged to contact the friendly staff should we need reassurance or to talk. They have a website showing photos of activities still continuing to take place within the home which is great to see. Also individual photos are sent with messages so we can feel some comfort in knowing they are well.

Valerie S (Sister)

Avalon has looked after my mother for some time now. I have always found all of the staff very helpful, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. During this current lockdown, I have always been kept up to date with what is happening.
Cannot fault anything at the home.

Doug B (Son)

Our Mum is cared for by the excellent team at Avalon, Eastbourne. I'm unlikely to recommend Avalon to friends or family because Mum is our last elderly family member who will need care for many years plus I don't live in Eastbourne or the area. My sister do so they might.
The team at Avalon have taken good care of our Mum, she actually looks in better health now, after about 6 months in their care, than she did prior to moving into the care home.

David F (Son)

My father seems happy in this home and I believe he receives a good level of care.

Steven G (Son)

My grandad is happy in this home and is looked after very well.

Megan G (Granddaughter)

It would be very hard to fault the care, interest, affection, concern or respect shown to my mother in law by the team at Avalon. I would recommend to anyone with elderly relatives requiring round the clock care in a warm 'family' atmosphere.

N K (Son-in-law)

My mother was urgently taken to this home, having been a resident of 2 care homes - and in one of which she suffered abuse, it was decided that she needed nursing care at 100 years of age. Her morale was very low, she was frail and her appetite was non-existent, so her weight loss continued. She also had a very painful leg ulcer. I live abroad and it was so distressing to have to organise her welfare from another country. Avalon has, quite simply, saved her. She is happy, she is thriving, they healed her ulcer and could not make any more effort than they do to make her days happy. The matron and her team work wonders and strive daily to improve the quality of the care.

Tina F (Daughter)

My mother has come into Avalon due to a hospital acquired pressure sore and needs four turns per night. The staff have been amazing in the care for her and the sore is healing. Mother is not very good with her eating/drinking and the staff go out of their way to encourage her with this, even to try to find something she will eat.
They are always very kind and courteous and have a smile for everyone.If I have any concerns they always have time to listen and help in any way they can.Overall a lovely home, very well run, with staff who are kind and compassionate.

Andrea F(Daughter)

The home seems well run, clean and friendly. However, a number of the staff are from abroad and my mother has difficulty understanding what they say.